We have been committed to minimising our environmental impact for many years and continuously invest in green technology, from solar-powering our factory to recycling and green packaging.


Holbrooks is ISO 14001 accredited which means that we are constantly striving to minimise our environmental impact. We only source paper from fully sustainable forests and other controlled sources and are also FSC® Certified. 

Solar Power

In 2015 we invested in 176 photovoltaic solar panels for the roof of our building. These panels generate a massive 45Kw of power during the sunnier months – a large proportion of our energy needs.

Vegetable Inks

Holbrooks has been using vegetable inks for over 25 years. Vegetable inks significantly reduce the amount of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) released into the air during printing compared with petroleum based inks.


All used printing plates, ink tins, paper, cardboard, pallets and plastic wrapping are recycled. We also use recycled toner cartridges in our offices and offer recycled paper to our customers.

Green Packaging

Over 90% of our mailings are carried out using potato starch wrap. This environmentally friendly wrap degrades like food waste meaning it can be composted or disposed of in a bin with other waste.

100 % compostable sign or stamp on white background, vector illustration